Hollywood VFD Responds To House Fire In Chaptico
February 6, 2024

At approximately 1045 hours Monday 6 February 2024, Engine 7 and Truck 7 were dispatched to the 36300 block Notley Hall Lane in Chaptico for the House Fire. Engine 73, Truck 7, and Chief 7 (Rogers) responded with 10 Volunteers on the run at dispatch. Units from Seventh District Volunteer Fire Department arrived on the scene reporting a one story single family home with smoke showing. Crews located fire in the basement and stretched a line to the entrance for fire attack. Tanker 74 responded as part of the Working Incident Task Force with 5 additional Volunteers at dispatch. Engine 73 arrived on the scene and reported to the draft site as the Water Supply Pumper, laying a supply line from the fill site. Truck 7 arrived on the scene and both crews from Engine 73 and Truck 7 made their way to the fire ground.

As the crews from Hollywood arrived at the structure, EVAC tones were sounded because deteriorating conditions in the basement. While Units were attempting to exit the structure, a Mayday was declared due to units unable to find the exit. With the Mayday sounded, a 2nd Alarm was transmitted bring units from St. Mary's, Charles, Calvert, and Prince George's County to the incident.

Crews were assisted out and the Mayday was cleared within minutes. Crews from Hollywood redeployed the lines into the basement to continue fire attack. Tanker 74 arrived on the scene and the crew was assigned RIT. Units operating on the 1st floor reported that the floor was soft and they needed to back out. Fire had extended from the basement, up through the roof, causing Command to pull all units out of the 1st floor. Crews were able to knock the bulk of the fire from the exterior down and fire in the basement was also extinguished.

Units remained on the scene operating for several hours performing overhaul and hitting hot spots throughout the structure. The Units from Station 7 cleared the fire ground and returned to quarters at approximately 1430 hours.

Chief 5B (Gibson) held the Command with Chief 7 (Rogers) assigned to the Rescue Group then being reassigned to the Basement Division. This fire is being investigated by the Maryland State FM's office. Several Firefighters (Non HVFD Members) were treated for burns on the scene with two being transported to St. Mary's Hospital. MSP Trooper 7 did respond to the scene but was not used for any patient transport. All searches proved negative and no other injuries were reported.

We wish a speedy recovery to the injured Members from this incident.

***While crews were operating on this house fire, another structure fire was dispatched in the 1-18 Box. Engine 72, Rescue Squad 7, and Safety 7 (D. Insley) responded with 10 additional Volunteers from Station 7 on the Box. This incident was handled by 1st arriving units, placing the units from Hollywood in service. Engine 72 then took the transfer to Station 5 to cover their 1st due area. At one point 25 Volunteers were operating Both Engines, the Tanker, Truck, and Rescue Squad on these incidents.***

Thanks to Ridge Volunteer Fire Department Engine 41 and Prince Frederick Volunteer Fire Department Tower 2 for covering the Hollywood area during these incidents.