Hollywood VFD Responds To Haz Mat Incident And Then Motor Vehicle Accident At Three Notch Road And North Sandgates Road
By Past Chief Charles Miedzinski (CP)
February 16, 2023

At approximately 1040 hours Thursday, 16 February 2023, Station 9 was dispatched for an automatic fire alarm at Evergreen Elementary School. Rescue Engine 92 arrived on location and met with maintenance who reported a possible chemical spill. Rescue Engine 92 requested the Hazmat Box to be filled out. Engine 73, Truck 7, Chief 7 (Rogers) and Chief 7A (Rector) responded with 10 Volunteers shortly after dispatch. Engine 73 arrived on location and staged at a hydrant with Truck 7 taking a position on Side A of the School. Chief 7 (Rogers) arrived next and established the Command. Hazmat 13 arrived on location and completed a recon with Truck 7. It was determined that during routine maintenance, a chemical reaction occurred within the boiler room with a water stabilizer. This chemical reaction caused a vapor cloud within the boiler room. Crews were able to neutralize the chemical after 30 minutes of working and start a ventilation plan. The entire school was ventilated and metered to find no IDLH atmosphere. Command scaled the assignment back and Truck 7 remained on the scene assisting with ventilation. No injuries were reported during the incident.

At 1205 hours, while units were still operating on the Hazmat Box, Station 7 was dispatched to Three Notch Road and North Sandgates Road for a Motor Vehicle Accident with reports of a vehicle on fire and people trapped. Rescue Squad 7, Safety Officer 7 (R. Brady) and Chief 7B (Tatum) responded shortly after dispatch with 5 Volunteers. Rescue Squad 2, who was handling a fill in at Station 7, responded along with Engine 73 who cleared the Hazmat Box. Safety Officer 7 (R. Brady) was first to arrive finding a single vehicle collision, not on fire, with one person pinned. Safety Officer 7 (R. Brady) established the Command and was advised of a possible second occupant of the vehicle that was ejected. Rescue Squad 7 and Rescue Squad 2 arrived on location and went to work stabilizing the vehicle and preparing for extrication. While crews worked to extricate the pinned occupant, additional crews worked to set up a lifting system to check under the vehicle for a potential ejected patient. The pinned occupant of the vehicle was determined to be a trauma and MSP Aviation was requested for a fly out. Engine 73 handled the Landing Zone at Oakville Elementary School for Trooper 7. Rescue Squad 7, 2, and 1 worked to free the pinned occupant in 15 minutes and turned the patient over to EMS. Once the pinned occupant was removed, Crews lifted the vehicle to check for any other patients. It was determined no other patients were in or ejected from the vehicle after further searches. The single patient was transported by MSP Trooper 7 to an area Trauma Center. Units remained on the scene for a short period before picking up and returning to service. Command was terminated and Units from Hollywood returned to quarters from both incidents at 1250 hours.

During these incident Ridge Volunteer Fire Department Engine 41 and Seventh District Volunteer Fire Department Rescue Squad 5 covered the Hollywood area by filling in at Station 7.