Hollywood VFD Responds To Commercial Vehicle Fire At County Landfill
By Past Chief Charles Miedzinski (CP)
November 21, 2021

Just after 0630 hours Sunday, 21 November 2021, Engine 7 and Tanker 7 were dispatched to the 44800 block of St. Andrews Church Road at the County Landfill for a garbage trailer smoking. Tanker 74 and Engine 73 responded shortly after dispatch with 8 Volunteers. Tanker 74 arrived on the scene to find the rear of the trailer smoking. The crew stretched the bumper line to find a small fire around the breaks and extinguished the same. The assignment was scaled back to Tanker 74 and Engine 91 only. Engine 73 returned to service. Tanker 74 remained on the scene for a short period before returning to quarters at 0708 hours.