Hollywood VFD Responds To Vehicle Into Building With Subject Trapped
By Past Chief Charles Miedzinski (CP)
July 3, 2021

At approximately 0215 hours, Saturday 3 July 2021 Station 7 was dispatched to the 24500 block of Mervell Dean Road for a vehicle into the building. Rescue Squad 7, Engine 72, Chief 7A (Rogers), and Chief 7B (Rector) responded shortly after dispatch with 12 Volunteers. Police were on the scene advising a single vehicle into the building with the driver trapped. Units arrived on the scene to find the same and went to work stabilizing the structure and vehicle. Crews had to breach a wall to get to the vehicle and removed the door to access the driver. The driver was removed and turned over to EMS for evaluation. The units from Station 7 cleared the scene and returned to quarters at 0300 hours. Chief 7B (Rector) held the Command with Chief 7A (Rogers) having the extrication group supervisor.