Hollywood VFD Responses To Working Detached Garage Fire
By Past Chief Charles Miedzinski (CP)
May 11, 2021

At approximately 1905 hours Tuesday, 11 May 2021, Station 7 was dispatched to the 24800 block of Iron Horse Lane in Hollywood for the garage fire. Engine 72, Engine 73, Tanker 74, Truck 7, Rescue Squad 7, Chief 7 (Brady), Chief 7A (Rogers) and Chief 7B (Rector) responded with 30 Volunteers shortly after dispatch. Chief 7 (Brady) and Engine 73 arrived on location within 2 minutes to find a 40x60 garage with smoke and fire showing along with a large boat that was on fire out front. The crew of Engine 73 stretched an attack line to the structure with Truck 7 arriving and assisting the Engine with opening up. Engine 72 and Tanker 74 arrived with both crews stretching additional attack lines to back up Engine 73 and extinguish the boat that was on fire. Rescue Squad 7 arrived and performed a search. One resident was located with burns to his body and he was transferred to EMS care. The fire was extinguished within 10 minutes of arrival and the assignment was scaled back to units from Station 7, 2 Tankers, and the EMS units. The patient with burns required transport to the burn center and was transported to the hangar for Trooper 7. The assignment was scaled back within 20 minutes to Station 7 only. The units from Hollywood cleared the scene and returned to service at 2030 hours. Chief 7 (Brady) held the Hollywood Command.

The fire was determined to have started because of improper transferring of fuel on the boat. The boat was originally on fire inside the garage and pulled out prior to the fire departments arrival. Please use caution when working with any fuel indoors especially during these tough times.