Hollywood Volunteers Respond to House Fire in Leonardtown
By Past Chief Charles Miedzinski (CP)
October 17, 2020

At approximately 0900 on Saturday, 17 October 2020, Tanker 74 and Ladder Truck 7 were dispatched to 25180 Dove Point Ln for a possible house fire. Tanker 74, Ladder Truck 7, and Chief 7B (Rector) responded shortly after dispatch with 10 Volunteers. A few minutes later Engine 72 was added to fill the assignment and responded to a designated fill site. Chief 1 (Bell) was first to arrive finding a one-story single family home with smoke showing. Tanker 74 and Ladder Truck 7 arrived shortly after. Tanker 74 picked up the supply line of Engine 10 with the crew stretching a second attack line. Ladder Truck 7 took a position at the house with the crew assisting with ladders and opening up. Chief 7B (Rector) was assigned the Division 1 supervisor and operated with units from Station 1 and 7. The fire was knocked down in a short time and the assignment was scaled back to units from Station 1, 7, and 5. Units from Station 7 remained on the scene and assisted with overhaul before being released. Chief 1 (Bell) held the Leonardtown Command.

Photos courtesy of Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Department