Cellular Phone Causes Fire
By Hollywood Volunteers
May 6, 2018

At 1634hrs Engine 7, Truck 7, Tanker 1, Engine 1, Engine 9, Tower 9, Tanker 2, Squad 2, Hughsville Tanker 2, and Water Supply 5 were dispatched for a reported house fire at 26417 Hillendale Rd. The caller reported a fire in one of the bedrooms. Engine 73, Truck 7, Tanker 74, Squad 7, Chief 7 and Chief 7A responded shortly after dispatch 15 volunteers.

Chief 7 arrived to find a one story single family rambler with smoke showing side bravo. Engine 73, Truck 7, Tanker 74, Squad 7 and Chief 7A arrived to find a mattress on fire in a bedroom. Fire was quickly extinguished with no extension. Truck and Squad 7 ventilated the structure. The incident was then scaled back with units from Company 7 and A198.

The cause of the fire was a cellular phone charging on the bed. We ask that you do not leave your cell phone on your beds while charging. Place them on a counter or night stand. The photos show that closed bedroom doors will saves lives and property. The fire and smoke damage was confined to the room of origin as a result of the closed bedroom door.

Chief 7 held the Hollywood Shores Command
Chief 7A has Attack Group
Safety 7 had the Vent Group