Work Shop on Fire in the 1st Due
By Hollywood Volunteers
April 18, 2017

At 1020 hours Engine 7, Tanker 2, Tanker 1, and Truck 7 were dispatched to the area of Medleys Lane and Loveville Road for the Shed Fire. Engine 73, Tanker 74, Chief 7 and Chief 7A all responded shortly after dispatch with 6 Volunteers on the incident.

Chief 7A was first to arrive finding a 20x25 work shop that was well involved. Chief 7A established the "Medleys Lane" Command and advised all incoming units that this will be a defensive operation. Engine 73 and Tanker 24 arrived next with Engine 73 laying a supply line to the scene and Tanker 24 picking it up. The crews from Engine 73 and Tanker 24 advanced two attack lines to the structure to knock down the bulk of the fire. Tanker 14 arrived and the crew stretched an additional line to start working on the numerous exposures that were beginning the catch on fire.

Due to the numerous exposures of additional buildings, automobiles, and piles of debris, Command requested the Box to be filled out. Rescue Squad 7, Brush 7, Jeep 7, Engine 23, Tanker 93, and Truck 3 all responded to assist on the incident.

The bulk of the fire was knocked down within 20 minutes of arrival and Command held all units for an extensive overhaul. Command scaled the assignment back to units from Station 7 and Station 2 after approximately 45 minutes of operating on the fire ground.

The State Fire Marshal responded on the incident and determined the cause to be electrical in nature. Command was terminated and the units from Station 7 returned to quarters at 1213 hours.

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Units: Engine 73, Engine 23, Engine 32, Tanker 74, Tanker 24, Tanker 14, Tanker 93, Truck 3, Rescue Squad 7, Ambulance 799, Chief 7, and Chief 7A
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Units from Hollywood responded to this Work Shop on Fire in the 1st Due
Units from Hollywood responded to this Work Shop on Fire in the 1st Due
Engine 73 and Rescue Squad 7
Engine 73 and Rescue Squad 7