Rescue Squad and Tanker Run Helicopter Crash in Leonardtown
By Hollywood Volunteers
April 17, 2017

At 1319 hours Station 1, Station 7, Station 5, Rescue Squad 1, Crash 13, EMS Station 19, EMS Station 79, EMS Station 59, and St. Mary's ALS were dispatched to the area of the Breton Bay Golf Course for a Helicopter Crash. Tanker 74 and Rescue Squad 7 responded with 10 Volunteers shortly after dispatch.

While units were responding, Communications gave supplemental information of a Helicopter that had crashed near the 3rd hole on the Golf Course with 3 occupants trapped. Rescue Squad 1 was first to arrive, finding the same and establishing the Command. Chief 1A was next to arrive and assumed the Command from Squad 1, assigning Chief 1B the Extrication Group Supervisor. The Extrication Group advised of 2 occupants trapped and 1 that had self extricated, with a large Military Helicopter that had crashed. Tanker 74 arrived and was directed by Command to establish a Landing Zone for Medical Transport of the trapped occupants. Rescue Squad 7 arrived and was requested to assist Rescue Squad 1 with Extrication.

A total of 3 occupants were on board the Helicopter at the time of the incident with 2 being Priority 1 Category A Traumas needing transport to the Trauma Center. After extricating one of the occupants from the Helicopter, it was determined that the third occupant was deceased. Crews assisted with transporting the two patients to MSP Trooper 7, who took the patients to Baltimore Shock Trauma.

Once both patients were transported, Command scaled the assignment back to the units from Station 1, 7, 13 and EMS Station 19 and 79. Both Tanker 74 and Rescue Squad 7 remained on the scene for a short time later before returning to service.

The units from Station 7 returned to quarters at 1419 hours.

The Officers and Members of the Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department wish to send our condolences to everyone this tragic event has touched.

**All Photos and Videos courtesy of and Grant Kelly**

Units: Engine 11, Engine 52, Tanker 14, Tanker 74, Rescue Squad 1, Rescue Squad 7, Rescue Squad 5, Crash 13, Ambulance 196, Ambulance 197, Ambulance 796, Ambulance 599, Medic 1, Medic 5, and Chief 1A
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Tanker 74 and Rescue Squad 7 responded to this Helicopter Crash in Leonardtown
Tanker 74 and Rescue Squad 7 responded to this Helicopter Crash in Leonardtown